Preventative Maintenance

Cut Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

A preventive maintenance agreement is an opportunity for your facility to eliminate expensive emergency repairs and reduce downtime. Regular maintenance can spot minor issues before they turn into big problems.

Hadley Energy Solutions offers several levels of preventive maintenance agreements that cover your electrical and HVAC equipment. Once you’ve selected the appropriate level of maintenance, an initial facility assessment will take place. We’ll document all HVAC, mechanical, and electrical equipment, including its age, model numbers, and the current condition of existing equipment. We will inspect the equipment thoroughly to see if any immediate concerns need to be addressed.

After the data on all equipment has been collected, a report will be repaired. Your report will include recommendations on any repairs that may be needed. The report will also include a maintenance schedule for all equipment. Older equipment may require more frequent servicing, while newer equipment may require less.

Upon each scheduled maintenance, a site visit with a constant analysis of current conditions will be made. The frequency of maintenance will be recommended by Hadley Energy Solutions, but you will decide how often your equipment will be serviced. Once a preventive maintenance agreement is in place, you can have peace of mind knowing your facility is operating at peak performance throughout the duration of the service agreement.

To get a free estimate on a preventative maintenance agreement for your commercial or industrial facility’s electrical and HVAC systems, please call today.

Why Use Preventative Maintenance?

  • According to the NFPA, 74% of all building fires are caused by some form of electrical failure.
  • Preventive maintenance keeps equipment operating at peak efficiency.
  • It reduces energy costs through ongoing system efficiency.
  • It reduces the likelihood of expensive emergency repairs or premature replacements.
  • Research has shown preventive maintenance saves between 12-18% of your budget compared to reactive repairs.
  • When you contract with Hadley Energy Solutions, you enjoy priority service. You’ll avoid long waits and get a guaranteed response time.
  • You’ll have one point of contact for all necessary services.

Services Included with Our Preventative Maintenance

  • Thermal imaging
  • Check for proper torquing on breakers and screws and that no wiring is loose
  • Amp reading on panels and each circuit
  • Proper labeling
  • Exercise gear and mechanical parts
  • Ensure that proper breaker and fuse sizing are installed
  • Ensure proper grounding
  • Check for corrosion
  • Ensure proper antioxidant paste is applied with aluminum wiring
  • Inspect for electrocution and arc flash hazards
  • Apply lubrication where required or needed
  • Check cooling/heating system for proper operation
  • Change/clean customer-provided air filter as needed
  • Inspect general condition
  • Check and inspect start contacts
  • Test equipment control systems
  • Check current draw of compressor
  • Check refrigerant operating pressure
  • Check exposed equipment and pipes for leaks
  • Check compressor function
  • Check outdoor coil
  • Check indoor coil
  • Clean drain line
  • Add drain line cleaner as needed
  • Test gas valve operation
  • Test safety devices
  • Test limit switches
  • Test combustion draft motors
  • Check pilot and burner assembly for proper operation
  • Check connection of vent pipe at furnace

Maintenance Plan Levels Available

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a baseline agreement that covers a number of regularly scheduled maintenance visits each year. 

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all equipment and clean and test the components for proper operation. When needed, worn parts such as belts and air filters are replaced. 

The number of maintenance visits you need and the list of included maintenance tasks may depend on the age and type of equipment, as well as operating conditions and usage requirements. A preventive maintenance agreement is the least expensive type of service contract.

Full Labor

Our Full Labor agreement covers all the labor needed for repairs or replacements as well as for maintenance, but you are responsible for the parts.

Full Coverage

Our Full Coverage agreement is the ultimate insurance policy, covering all parts and labor, emergency service, and preventive maintenance.

This option can save a great deal of money on expensive repairs. A Full Coverage agreement also allows you to budget for your HVAC and electrical repair expenses, and it gives you peace of mind by not having unexpected surprises.

Save Even More With an Energy Consulting Agreement

You can depend on Hadley Energy Solutions to help you cut costs on your company’s energy consumption! We bring more than 100 years of combined experience to our consulting services.

Our energy experts will focus on finding cost-effective ways to optimize your facility’s energy usage. Energy consulting is centered around reducing operational costs and finding more environmentally friendly sources of energy.

When you sign up for our Energy Consulting Agreement, our team will analyze all the components that use energy in your facility, track all energy usage from your utility bills, find out what your specific energy needs are, and present ways to reduce operational costs and environmental impact. In order to make things easier for you, all work to reduce energy usage will be completed through our company, making Hadley Energy Solutions your one point of contact! Call today to get your free estimate on an Energy Consulting Agreement.

Emergency Service Available for Electrical Repairs

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Great Warranties!

• 1-year warranty on all work
• Manufacturer’s warranties available