Frequently Asked Questions

Have an electrical or energy management-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

Do you offer after-hours and emergency services?

Yes! Look no further if you’re seeking a commercial electrical contractor who can provide after-hours and emergency services. We’re happy to provide these services for an additional fee. Contact us today to learn more.

How often do I need service?

We recommend you receive maintenance annually to keep your electrical systems performing optimally. Reach out to us today to receive expert service from our industrial electrical contractors.

Can you accommodate specific lighting requirements?

Yes! Our industrial electrical contractors are happy to handle situations where specific lighting levels are required.

According to The World Counts, fossil fuels still provide 80% of the world’s energy. With our green energy approach, you can rest assured that your facility will have a more eco-friendly lighting setup.

Is my wiring up-to-date?

Often, industrial and commercial property owners may be unable to identify the age of their wiring. It takes a trained electrician to determine the quality of your wiring and make necessary changes.

Old wiring tends to dry rot and can lead to multiple problems. If your business was built several years ago, then it’s best to get it inspected by industrial electrical contractors as soon as possible. Contact us today to get started.

Do I need to get my panel changed out?

If you have Federal Pacific panels, then you’ll need to get them swapped out. Insurance companies no longer cover these panels. Call us today to get them replaced or learn about our other commercial electrician services.

Emergency Service Available for Electrical Repairs

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Great Warranties!

• 1-year warranty on all work
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